Underground gamers
The Underground Gamers is a war games club based in Kennedy’s Pub in Dublin (Ireland) city centre. We play a large variety of war games, board games and roleplay games including Warhammer, Warmachine, Blood Bowl, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Epic Armageddon, Battle Fleet Gothic, Warhammer 40k, Inquisitor, Flames of War, Star Wars Miniatures, Confrontation, Memoir ’44 etc. In fact there are very few games we don’t play ...
We have four 6’ x 4’ boards, a collection of scenery and a venue that serves beer. What more could a gamer want?! (There’s also space for board games).
We meet on Monday evenings in the basement (hence the name of the club) of Kennedy’s. If you are interested in joining check out the our Google Group.
Details of our current Leagues and Campaigns may be found here.
The Underground Gamers
Monday Nights
5.30pm - 11:30pm
Kennedy’s Pub
Westland Row
Dublin 2